DK Woodturning
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About the Artisan
Dennis Kutz, the woodturner, has had a deep respect and love of nature since childhood. His uncle taught him the art of fly fishing as a teenager. The peace and solitude of being in the woods and by the streams he experienced when fishing deepened his appreciation for all things natural. 

As a public educator Dennis was able to do carpentry work with a fellow school teacher during the summers. He acquired many woodworking skills over the years and became adept at using many different tools of the trade.

Upon retirement from teaching in 2007, Dennis purchased a wood lathe to pursue wood turning as a hobby. This was a natural fit and before long he was producing beautiful bowls and other items.

The wood Dennis turns is local from his property or from the land of friends and neighbors in Pennsylvania. All of the wood used is either naturally fallen or was removed by tree services. Dennis never destroys a living tree for his craft.